• Always lock perimeter doors and close windows that are far away from where the family activity is centered.
  • At night always lock perimeter doors and securely fasten windows. When retiring to bed, lock inter-leading doors of those rooms that are not occupied.
  • Do not leave curtains open at night as this allows observation into the house.
  • Do not go outside alone to investigate at night. Rather switch off all lights and open curtains to allow you to see what is occurring outside, once eyes have become accustomed to the dark.
  • Do not open any perimeter door without satisfactory identification from the visitor. If in any doubt, do not open the door and consider summoning the police or M sec.
  • Never admit to a stranger that you are alone, and never allow a stranger to become aware of the fact that you are alone, even during a telephone conversation.
  • If a repair person is expected, do not allow entry unless identity has been checked through a vision panel or door viewer and with the company concerned.
  • Do not allow strangers into your home to make telephone calls. Rather offer to make the telephone calls for them while they wait outside.
  • If you note suspicious vehicles, individuals, or groups in your neighborhood, contact the police or M Sec.

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